Everything in Moderation

Posted on Friday, Jun 4, 2021
One of the most difficult parts of managing a community is ensuring everyone adheres to a universally acceptable system of behavior. With events, there is generally a Code of Conduct that makes it clear what behaviors are acceptable, what behaviors aren’t, and the consequences of operating outside of the rules. Sometimes it falls on an individual or a team to handle this in the online world. Today, we’ll be talking about moderation with a guest who knows exactly how it works.

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Check Outs


Tire rings


Pick your battles, take some time, and give yourself a breather.


Community Creator Economy


Call of Conduct - an app to track Code of Conduct reporting - still in beta.

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Rosie Sherry

Rosie Sherry

Community Lead at Orbit


Wesley Faulkner

Wesley Faulkner

Wesley Faulkner is a first-generation American. He is a founding member of the government transparency group Open Austin and ran for Austin City Council in 2016. His professional experience also includes work as a social media and community manager for the software company Atlassian, a Developer Advocate for MongoDB, and various roles for the computer processor company AMD and Dell. Wesley Faulkner also serves as a board member for South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi).

PJ Hagerty

PJ Hagerty

PJ is the founder of DevRelate.io and a board member of Open Sourcing Mental Illness. He is an organizer of DevOps Days Buffalo, CodeDaze, and ElixirDaze. PJ is a developer, writer, speaker, musician, and Community Advocate. He is known to travel the world speaking about programming and the way people think and interact. He is also known for wearing hats.

Sarah-Jane Morris

Sarah-Jane Morris

For the past 15 years, Sarah-Jane Morris has been growing and nurturing developer communities at various stages of growth; at startups like Context IO and Keen IO, at high growth companies like Shopify, and at corporations like Intel. SJ’s audacious vision to make every developer community diverse, welcoming and sustainable inspired her to launch Listen Community Consulting in 2019. Alongside Listen, she joined HubSpot’s Developer Relations team as a Senior Program Manager in November 2019.