Jennifer Ritzinger

Special guest

Jennifer Ritzinger has been with Microsoft for 25 years, spending much of that time in the dynamic world of developer relations. She leads the Next Generation Experiences team which has the mission of inspiring and empowering students and rising developers everywhere to thrive with the Microsoft Cloud. Previously, Jennifer led Microsoft’s marquee events including Build, the Professional Developers Conference, TechEd, and MIX. She is the former co-host of a web series, WM_IN, featuring amazing females in the high-tech industry, and was a regular host of a web series featuring the team behind the scenes at Microsoft. She’s also a previous facilitator for Microsoft’s new employee orientation, imparting key company information and excitement to new recruits. Before joining Microsoft, Jennifer was a secondary school educator, teaching high school English.

Jennifer Ritzinger has been a guest on 1 episode.