The Community for Community Professionals (Ep 5)

January 30th, 2016 · 34 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

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David Spinks (CEO, CMX Media, @davidspinks) and Carrie Jones (Director of Content, CMX Media, @caremjo) joined Mary and Jason for this episode of Community Pulse. CMX was launched in 2014 as the community for community professionals. These days, through their summits, online community, content, and more, they work to advance the community industry, and give community professionals all of the resources they need to be successful.

The CMX Summits bring in voices from psychology and behavioral analysis, as well as non-profits, plus stories from the trenches of technology. The theme for CMX West 2015 was “Community is the Future of Business.” We talk through this idea, and what it means for the future of community professionals, as well as why the essence of community is at a tipping point right now. In the process, we highlight how to help companies understand what it’s like to build community on a professional level, how to set the standards for this relatively new role,

CMX Hub Facebook Group
The Community Manager - community management-related tips, news and case studies.
CMX Summit - “TED for Community Professionals”
Fundamentals of Community Strategy Training Course
Seth Godin (author)
Content Strategy for Community Professionals (ebook)
Guide to Community Platforms (ebook)
Sarah Judd Welch’s “Community Is” Newsletter
The Culting of Brands by Douglas Atkin (book)
Start With Why by Simon Sinek (book)

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