Advocating for DevRel as a DevRel Professional

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 7, 2020
Developer Relations needs to be put into perspective for people outside the team or community. When your Developer Relations department comes under fire, how do we switch from advocating for our community to advocating for ourselves? When DevRel is new, how do you build on activities to show the importance of having a dedicated team working with the communities your organization is involved with?

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SJ Morris
  • Themed Zoom backgrounds as a team icebreaker - Fave album? Fave movie?
  • Punk Rock Aerobics
Elizabeth Ruscitto
Jaime Lopez
PJ Hagerty

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PJ Hagerty

PJ Hagerty

PJ is the founder of and a board member of Open Sourcing Mental Illness. He is an organizer of DevOps Days Buffalo, CodeDaze, and ElixirDaze. PJ is a developer, writer, speaker, musician, and Community Advocate. He is known to travel the world speaking about programming and the way people think and interact. He is also known for wearing hats.

Sarah-Jane Morris

Sarah-Jane Morris

For the past 15 years, Sarah-Jane Morris has been growing and nurturing developer communities at various stages of growth; at startups like Context IO and Keen IO, at high growth companies like Shopify, and at corporations like Intel. SJ’s audacious vision to make every developer community diverse, welcoming and sustainable inspired her to launch Listen Community Consulting in 2019. Alongside Listen, she joined HubSpot’s Developer Relations team as a Senior Program Manager in November 2019.