Live Streaming (Ep 88)

April 5th, 2024 · 46 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

With the exception of speaking at conferences, much of what we do as DevRel professionals is behind-the-scenes. However, with live streaming, we’re able to not only learn in public, but bring our community members into the experience.

While this can be intimidating, and lead to questions like “what if I make a mistake?” - or - “What if I don’t know all the answers?” - or - “How do I make sure I come across as knowledgeable while I’m also learning?” it can also be a great way to create engaging content that helps your community learn alongside you.

Laurent Bugnion

  • Learn Live - the show I produce for Microsoft
  • GalaSoft - my website with my blog, past presentations and future appearances

Darko Mesaros

Wesley Faulkner

Jason Hand

Mary Thengvall

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